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    Our wines are chosen for their unique practices of organically derived grapes, harvested by family owned estates across the world, ranging from hand crafted European wines to coastal and California varietals! We also offer craft cocktails, and small batch, hand crafted beers all chosen for their unique taste.

    Tastings are $15 a person, or $20 a person with an appetizer. Starts at 6p.m. and lasts as long as there’s wine!

    March 22  2017 –


    In extreme Northwestern Spain, right above Portugal, lies Rias Baixes (RACE BIAS) in the Province of Galacia (gah LAY c uh). Ninety percent of the grapes here are the white Albrariño (all bar EEN yo), which produces a light, cirtusey, somewhat “zingy” wine which is perfect for sipping on warm spring evenings.

    Featured Wine:  Pazo de Senorans Albrariño, Rias Biaxas

    In Southeastern Spain, a wine is made from the Monastrell (mom OH strehl) grape, which is known as Mouvedre (moo VED rah) in France, where it is frequently blended with Grenache in the Southern Rhône. Grenache is actually of Spanish origin, and it is called Garnacha (gar NAH cha) here. 

    Featured Wine:  Evodia Garnacha, Catalayud

    Garnacha may also be blended with other varieties, in this case including the French Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Our offering this evening is from the increasingly prestigious wine-producing region of Priorat, which is also in Southeastern Spain and not far from the avant-garde City of Barcelona.

    Featured Wine:  Black Slate Cecilio Gratallops

    As is well-known, Spain produces a fortified wine called Sherry, the name, apparently, derived from a corrupt Anglicization of the name of the Spanish City of Jerez (hair ETH) from which this wine is shipped. The one we’re having tonight is a particularly delicate Sherry which can only be aged in one coastal city of Southwestern Spain!

    Featured Wine: Fernando de Castilla Manzanilla Sherry

    Next on our Wine Tour of the World – a brief stop in Portugal. All at The Jungle!




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The Jungle is a Reno hot spot for great food and quality drinks.

An assortment of healthy Breakfast items are always available and recently the menu has expanded to include gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, home-made pizzas, and some amazing appetizers.Some of the locals favorites include sandwiches like the “Chicken Pesto” and the “West Ender” the “Margherita Pizza,” and “Jungle House Salad.” To wash it all down or to get a jump start on your day enjoy our fine selection of lattes, espressos, fruit smoothies and full selection of top notch wine and beer.