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    Every Monday from 7 - 10 p.m.



    Every Wednesday starting at 6p.m.

    Wine + Apps Every Wednesday

    Our wines are chosen for their unique practices of organically derived grapes, harvested by family owned estates across the world, ranging from hand crafted European wines to coastal and California varietals! We also offer craft cocktails, and small batch, hand crafted beers all chosen for their unique taste.

    Tastings are $15 a person, or $20 a person with an appetizer. Starts at 6p.m. and lasts as long as
    there’s wine!

    February 10th Tasting – Bubbles for Valentine’s Day


    Champagne is the most romantic name in wine, but it was actually born in frustration and despair. You see, winter came so early in this part of extreme northeastern France that the fermentation of wines here was stopped prematurely by the cold. After wines had been bottled and spring came, fermentation restarted, and the resulting conversion of sugar into alcohol and trapped carbon dioxide gas caused the bottles to explode! Fortunately for us, the people of Champagne learned to control this second fermentation in extra-thick bottles. The grapes in Champagne are the known-to-us Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as well as a new grape in this series – Pinot Meunier (moon e YEAH).

    Featured Wine: Bonnet Ponson

    California Sparkling

    Sparkling wines are also made in our California using the same grapes and techniques as do the French. In fact, some famous Champagne houses operate vineyards and wineries here. But even though the sparkling wines may be made by French hands and in facilities financed by the French, these wines cannot be called Champagne, as that name is reserved exclusively for wines made in northeastern France.

    Featured Wine: Carriocioli Brut


    The Spanish also produce sparkling wines in the area around Barcelona in southeast Spain. They use the same methods employed by the French, but native Spanish grapes are made into Cava.

    Featured Wine: Naveran


    This sparkling wine is produced around the Italian city of Venice. It is made from the native Glera (GLARA uh) grape. But instead of having the second fermentation take place in the bottle, this happens in a large tank. So whereas Champagne is crisp and toasty-tasting, Prosecco is more full-fruity and with fewer larger bubbles.

    Featured Wine: Trevisiol



The Jungle is a Reno hot spot for great food and quality drinks.

An assortment of healthy Breakfast items are always available and recently the menu has expanded to include gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, home-made pizzas, and some amazing appetizers. Some of the locals favorites include sandwiches like the “West Ender” and the “High Roller” the “Margherita Pizza,” and “Tree House Salad.” To wash it all down or to get a jump start on your day enjoy our fine selection of lattes, espressos, fruit smoothies and full selection of top notch wine and beer.