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    Every Monday from 7 - 10 p.m.


  • Live Music

    Every Friday and Saturday

    Live Music Lineup:


    2/3 9-11 PM Aaron sion from “crush”
    2/4 9-11 PM Justin Mc Mahon
    2/10 9-11 PM mel & gia
    2/17 9-11 PM Britt Straw
    2/19 9-11 PM Micheal Jackson & The Doctor of Feel Good
    2/24 9-11 PM Tyler Stafford
    2/25 9-11 PM Todd Ballowe

    If you are interested in joining our music lineup please click here.


    Every Wednesday starting at 6p.m.

    Wine + Apps Every Wednesday

    Our wines are chosen for their unique practices of organically derived grapes, harvested by family owned estates across the world, ranging from hand crafted European wines to coastal and California varietals! We also offer craft cocktails, and small batch, hand crafted beers all chosen for their unique taste.

    Tastings are $15 a person, or $20 a person with an appetizer. Starts at 6p.m. and lasts as long as there’s wine!

    March 1  2017 –


    The area around the canal city of Venice is called the Tre Venezie because there are three main wine regions here.

    The most famous white wine from here is Soave (swa VAY), which at one time was the most imported white wine here to the US. Saove means “soft” in Italian, and it’s made from the native grapes Garganega (gar guh NEG ah) and our old friend Trebbiano.

    Featured Wine: Pinot Grigio (GREE jah oh) from here has become very popular here in the States. Italian Pinot Grigios are light and minerally with hints of apple and pear.

    Featured Wine: Toccato Pinot Grigio

    The most famous red wine from the Tre Venezie is Valpolicella (val pole e CHEL oh). It is made from three indigenous grapes, Corvina (core VEE nah), Molinara (mow LEAN ah rah) and Rondinella (ron DEE nel ah).

    Featured Wine: Pirovano Valpolicella

    Valpolicella can be punched-up through drying some of the grapes, thus concentrating their flavors and sugars, before the beginning of fermentation. These wines are labeled Amarone (aw MAH row nay), which is a full-bodied, high-alcohol, raisin-flavored wine.

    Featured Wine: La Colombaia Amarone della Valpolicella


Coffee house:

7am - 11pm Mon-Thur & Sun; 7am - 12am Fri-Sat

Barroom: Daily

3pm - Close

Kitchen: Daily

8am - 9pm

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The Jungle is a Reno hot spot for great food and quality drinks.

An assortment of healthy Breakfast items are always available and recently the menu has expanded to include gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, home-made pizzas, and some amazing appetizers.Some of the locals favorites include sandwiches like the “Chicken Pesto” and the “West Ender” the “Margherita Pizza,” and “Jungle House Salad.” To wash it all down or to get a jump start on your day enjoy our fine selection of lattes, espressos, fruit smoothies and full selection of top notch wine and beer.