In 2013 Java Jungle and Jungle Vino merged forces to be recognized as The Jungle .

This venue has been a long standing Reno favorite amongst locals. Both locations are bursting with artistic flare. The walls are adorned with pictures, paintings, and murals created by jungle employees and Reno artists. The entrance and counters are covered with posters of Reno bands and other local events. The Jungle offers everything from corporate catering and wine tastings to an early morning latte and bagel. One of the best discoveries is the Jungles regulars creating a small vibrant community where the wine is always flowing the coffee is brewing and inspiration is lurking in every corner.

Our café & coffee house provide the ultimate coffee house experience, serving superior coffee, espresso drinks, and gourmet sandwiches in a friendly, inviting urban jungle. Java Jungle features weekly poetry, art, and music events. Free Wireless Internet (WiFi).

The barroom at the Jungle symbolizes the exuberant maturation of a new downtown Reno, emphasizing fine wine and food in an intimate and sophisticated setting. The Jungle features a full-service bar, local art, weekly wine tastings, and special events.