Take A Walk Through The Jungle The Coffee House and Barroom are Going Through A Complete Remodel

RENO, Nev. (February 28, 2015) –The Jungle, formerly Java Jungle and Jungle Vino, is having a full demolition and expansion take place. The Jungle has been in Reno since 1990 with a few small facelifts here and there throughout the years, but now a full remodel is happening and no doors will separate the coffee house and wine bar, it will soon be one unit.

The expansion of the wine bar started on January 15, 2015, as a part of a long time plan to rebrand the business and combine everything into one unified company called “The Jungle.”

“Now you can literally take a walk through The Jungle,” said Matt Polley, owner. “Not to worry, we are not going away we are just growing up. Our patrons have been part of our jungle culture for generations now and with the continued revitalization of the Riverwalk it only seems natural to offer an upgrade of service for our customers.”

On one side of the combined space will still be a coffee house experience, serving superior coffee, espresso drinks, and gourmet sandwiches. There will be improvements to breakfast options, catering and additional boxed lunch selections. On the other side there will be an entirely new wine bar with enhancements including more seating, an upgraded cocktail menu featuring added espresso-style drinks, boutique wines and small plates.

“The goal is to have the space ready and open by early summer so our guests can explore all the new developments not only inside, but outside as well and be welcomed back to The Jungle properly,” said Polley.

For more information on The Jungle please visit http://thejunglereno.com or visit facebook.com/thejunglereno.


What does your coffee say about your Personality?

Personalities of Coffee Drinkers

Black Coffee A leader, not a follower. Knows what they like, and sticks to it. Likes control, and avoids conflict or change. Hard working, more minimalist, not materialistic, can be quieter, honest, and direct.
Espresso Similar to black coffee drinkers, but even more ambitious. Does not tolerate insufficiencies or failures. Always on the go. This type of person is usually punctual, in control, and sticks to a strict schedule. This makes them reliable and loyal. They know themselves well.
Cappuccino Details are important to the cappuccino drinker. They like things precise and are meticulous in their work. May be artistic and creative, they do not follow trends, and are intriguing. Even though they are detail-oriented, they may not share details of their own life. Introverted, imaginative, and skilled.
Latte More of a trend follower. Afraid to experiment. Often more youthful, comforting, pleasant, and friendly. Can be confrontational, but still want to please others. Appearance and aesthetics are important to latte drinkers.
Frozen Blended Coffee/Frappuccino May be a follower of trends, enjoys desserts and sweets, lives life with less controlling attitude, spur-of-the-moment attitude, more materialistic, indulges, and takes chances.
Decaf Coffee Can be light-hearted, less stressed, but others may be uptight. Simple, mild, avoids controversy and argument, afraid to take risk, avoids challenges. Wants the best for their life.
Tea and Soy Milk Coffees These are lumped together because they are traditional coffee alternatives, and these types of people tend to be concerned about the environment, their health, and may be a little egocentric or high maintenance. Many are vegetarian, vegan, or follow a specific diet. Interviewees also described them as chill, earthy, picky, and prudish.

Welcome to the Jungle – More than a Coffee Shop

Leave Reno for a minute, or maybe even thirty and come have a taste of the jungle. Java Jungle or Jungle Vino.

Java Jungle, the coffee bar, has its own organic sophisticated flavor. Whether you want to begin your morning and come to smell the individual aromas of the fresh coffee combined with a soft bagel or pastry. Or wind down from a long day at Jungle Vino, the wine bar, which has an eclectic selection of wine, The Jungle has you in mind no matter what time of day.

Being that The Jungle is small and located in the center of the madness downtown, survival of the fittest often comes to mind. But the best thing about this wild barista/wine bar is the size; it allows for a cozy and intimate setting. With uniquely tiled floors and art hanging by local artists spread throughout. You can take a seat on the comfortable wooden chairs inside or let your uninhabited side come out and explore the patio with a view of the river.

The Jungle is always keeping it stimulating with a variety of different tapas on the menu. A tapas bar, for those of you who don’t know, serves small portions of food. It is designed to encourage conversation because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. You can relax and enjoy your company and surroundings.

A must-have on the menu is the cultural veggie hummus plate. The veggies are cold and crisp with a diverse variety.  The hummus is prepared daily and is a dip made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with other spices, Java Jungle likes to keep the recipe top secret because its just that good. It’s a light healthy spread that is served with various other items on the menu, for example the Mr. Rooster sandwich. It’s a simple sandwich with honey ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, arugula, and onion. It’s easy, natural, and delicious. The arugula comes through well in this sandwich and compliments it quite flawlessly.

The bread is another thing you will notice immediately with any sandwich served at The Jungle. It’s delivered fresh everyday from the local bread bakery House of Bread. Matt Polley, the owner, is all about small businesses helping other small businesses.

If you’re not craving a sandwich you can always try the pizzas, the margherita pizza being the first of choice. The pizzas do take longer than most of the other items on the menu, but that’s because they’re made to order with freshly cut meats and veggies, and graded and chopped cheeses. It’s certainly worth the wait! It comes out looking stunning with the perfect portion of cheese and tomato mix. The basil is melted into the dough, and most importantly the crust is ideal, not too thin, but not too thick.

The house salad can compliment the pizza, or be enjoyed single-handedly. It’s a modest salad that is topped generously with cranberries, onions, and almonds, and the most excellent part is the creamy balsamic dressing that blends with the arugula seamlessly.

If you’re thinking this isn’t a family place because it is in the center of downtown think again. Parents can feel comfortable bringing their children because it’s very kid friendly during the day with the river just feet away. And not to worry if you’re trying to escape the kid scene, after five it’s an environment for the older crowd with live music playing nightly.

As Polley often says, “I want customers to remember their experience and have a nice time with friends. I also want it to be a place where they can come to relax and enjoy themselves and meet new friends.