Take A Walk Through The Jungle The Coffee House and Barroom are Going Through A Complete Remodel

RENO, Nev. (February 28, 2015) –The Jungle, formerly Java Jungle and Jungle Vino, is having a full demolition and expansion take place. The Jungle has been in Reno since 1990 with a few small facelifts here and there throughout the years, but now a full remodel is happening and no doors will separate the coffee house and wine bar, it will soon be one unit.

The expansion of the wine bar started on January 15, 2015, as a part of a long time plan to rebrand the business and combine everything into one unified company called “The Jungle.”

“Now you can literally take a walk through The Jungle,” said Matt Polley, owner. “Not to worry, we are not going away we are just growing up. Our patrons have been part of our jungle culture for generations now and with the continued revitalization of the Riverwalk it only seems natural to offer an upgrade of service for our customers.”

On one side of the combined space will still be a coffee house experience, serving superior coffee, espresso drinks, and gourmet sandwiches. There will be improvements to breakfast options, catering and additional boxed lunch selections. On the other side there will be an entirely new wine bar with enhancements including more seating, an upgraded cocktail menu featuring added espresso-style drinks, boutique wines and small plates.

“The goal is to have the space ready and open by early summer so our guests can explore all the new developments not only inside, but outside as well and be welcomed back to The Jungle properly,” said Polley.

For more information on The Jungle please visit http://thejunglereno.com or visit facebook.com/thejunglereno.